A Community Presentation Hopes to Aid in Drug Prevention

A joint effort between the Oak Lawn Community Partnership, Serenity Family Outreach, Oak Lawn High School, Simmons Middle School and Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School hopes to help aid parents in drug prevention for their student.

“This is the first year we are doing the presentation, “Hidden in Plain Sight” however we have teamed up with Oak Lawn High School in the past to do parent workshops on teen drug use prevention. This parent workshop will help parents identify possible drug use with their children and give them the strategies to address it with their teen. It will help students get the help they need before the problem gets worse,” said Kathy O’ Dwyer, a School Counselor at Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School.
The presentation will take place Thursday, March 23, at Oak Lawn High School. Dwyer and her associates hope that tackling the issue during the pivotal transition between high school and middle school will help fight rising drug statistics.
“The middle schools and high school are teaming together because the drug epidemic has increased greatly over the last few years. Often people overlook the possibility that some middle school students are using drugs, and only focus on high school teens. Data has shown that drug use can start as early as elementary school,” she says.
The evening will give parents the tools they need to start the battle at home, and even feature an interactive bedroom exhibit.
“This presentation will focus on local and national drug trends substance abuse data. We will also talk about how parents can safeguard their home and engage their teens in conversation about drugs. Local resources and community aids will be available for parents,” Dwyer said.
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