OLHMS Bands Win Big at IGSMA

Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School Bands wowed judges at this weekend’s Illinois Grade School Music Association Northern Division State Contest.

The OLHMS Concert Band was one of only nine area bands to qualify to compete in the upcoming State Contest/Festival which will be held on April 29 at Prairie View Middle School in Tinley Park. Concert Band won the First Division Award for its performance of “Coast Guard’s March”, “In The Shining of The Stars”, and “Knights of Destiny”.  Since 2010, The Concert Band has qualified for this prestigious event six times and earned a First Division title five times.  

The Jazz Ensemble was one of only 11 area jazz ensemble/bands to qualify and compete in the State Jazz Contest/Festival.  The Jazz Ensemble won the First Division Award for its performance of “The Blues Walk”, “Tres Picos”, and “Avenue Swing”.  This is the sixth year in a row that the Jazz Ensemble has qualified for this prestigious contest and have won a First Division Award for the past five years in a row!

“We salute our young musicians for their hard work and commitment to excellence, and commend their parents/band directors for cultivating participation and high achievement.  Arts and music education develops creativity, problem solving skills, and participation and cooperation toward common goals.  It teaches students to sacrifice and struggle together in their attainment for celebrating both individual expression and collaborative success.  D123 and its music education program is vital to the development of a healthy community,” said Jean Attig.

IGSMA is currently celebrating its 76th year of service to young musicians.  The Northern Division covers approximately two-thirds of Illinois, from the line parallel with Springfield to Wisconsin.  Nearly 300 public and parochial school districts currently are members.  IGSMA’s mission is to foster growth in young musicians as they develop musical awareness through positive assessment of their performances.  The achievements earned are a result of teachers, students, and parents working together as partners in the pursuit of excellence.
The OLHMS Concert band is directed by Mrs. Beth Lyons and Mr. John Kehl.  The Jazz Ensemble is directed by Mr. John Kehl.