OLHMS Students Recognized for “Reflections”

Corrin Smith and Anna Enderle received State recognition for their Reflections entries.

Congratulations to Oak Lawn Hometown Middle School students Corrin Smith and Anna Enderle. The girls received State recognition through the PTSA Reflections contest!

After entering the contest last year, Smith used her passion for dance to choreograph a contest entry for this year and received an honorable mention in the Dance Choreography category.

“I enjoyed expressing myself so much through the competition last year that I wanted to give it another shot. It is so nice to be recognized,” she said.

Sixth grade student Anna Enderle also received an honorable mention in Literature. Enderle wrote an autobiography about her life so far and is no stranger to the contest.

“I have been entering the Reflections contest since third grade. I am really proud of myself this year, I didn’t know I was such a good writer!” Enderle said.

This year’s Reflections theme was “What is Your Story?” Students could share their story through multiple art forms including dance, poem and literature.